Protection of the environment

Protection of the environment

Our philosophy is to keep our campsite small-scale. This small scale also means that we respect nature and our environment. We go for the integration of mankind and our space in nature. We try to have as little impact as possible on the nature around us. 

We have taken the following actions to achieve this.
Hedges, shrubs and trees
Since the acquisition of the campsite 5 years ago, we have always been committed to protecting the environment. Our actions are part of a broad ecological approach. Our facilities are as green as possible and fit well into the landscape of the Obersauer nature park.
All our camping pitches are built on existing sites where hedges, shrubs and trees and other vegetation have remained intact. By adapting to the natural environment, we have managed to retain the charm of the campsite and offer our holiday makers a pleasant stay!
Electric cars
Our cleaning team has access to electric cars. In this way we try to limit the impact on the environment. In addition, we believe that due to increasing urban pollution we can offer you clean air and tranquility here at the campsite.
Waste separation
Waste separation is in our own interest and in the public interest. We try to point out the importance of waste separation to our guests and offer a helping hand in case of doubt.
Solar panels
Our sanitary building has on its roof solar panels for hot water.
Purchase of products
We pay attention to the environmental friendliness of our detergents and, where possible, buy organic products. At our reception we also offer a nice selection of regional and ecological products from the region.
Rainwater collection
The toilets of our new XL pods are all flushed with rain water.



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